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The treasure

Once you have received your treasure, spend a moment to insert energy and love into your gift.

Whether you are giving your treasure as a gift for someone else, or keeping it for yourself, we invite you to take a few moments to charge your gift with energy and love.

At Kinz Kanaan we believe that everything is vibrating and formed from thought. This means your vibrations can be transferred to others through the practice of thought.

What we recommend:

✯ Find a quiet space and relax your mind.
✯ Take a few minutes to think of your special person, who will receive this gift. Or - if the gift is for yourself - think of the intention you would like to create for yourself.
✯ What energy would you like this jewellery to vibrate? is it love, is it power, is it magic, is it protection?
✯ Now the treasure is ready to be handed over with love, energy and connection.
Love, Light and Gratitude 
Kinz Kanaan