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Sustainable development and responsibility through action.

With the visible climate changes and increasing conscious living, sustainability is more important than ever. At Kinz Kanaan we believe that we all hold a responsibility towards mother earth and each choice and step towards sustainability are necessary. At Kinz Kanaan we continually take steps towards becoming a sustainable brand. Taking responsibility in all aspects of our supply chain is a high priority.

Our journey towards a sustainable business is constantly ongoing and in the next sections, you can find more information about our different approaches and actions.


To prevent unnecessary exploration of/damage on the forest ecosystem, Kinz Kanaan uses carton jewellery boxes, that are produced in a Danish FSC certified factory located in Denmark.

By choosing a Danish box company, we aim to decrease our transportation carbon footprint. 


Our jewellery in the city centre of Copenhagen is transported by bike - we belief in even the small actions to reduce our carbon footprint.


A significant part of our jewellery are produced in Thailand. Kinz Kanaan has carefully chosen a production partner who ensures fair working conditions and  care for all employees.

Some of our custom made jewellery are hand made in Copenhagen by established goldsmiths, who all comply with the high Danish standards for safety and fair terms for the employees.


All pearls used by Kinz Kanaan are Crystal Pearls from Swarovski. The oceans and the creatures within have been under a massive pressure from humans, and Kinz Kanaan is pleased to offer a more sustainable alternative to pearls, which has been industrial harvested from shellfish.


The next steps towards a more sustainable brand will be fading out all use of real diamonds and instead use Atomic Diamonds in our jewellery with stone settings. This is to make sure that Kinz Kanaan only uses traceable diamonds with transparent and social responsible supply chain.