Gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift

    When gift hunting for the right gift, we know and understand that it can be over whelming and a little confusing on what choice to make.

    Therefore here at Kinz Kanaan we have prepared a small list of suggestions for special occasions. We hope that our list of suggestions may guide you and be of great use to you!

    Before considering the treasure, we would recommend  you to make an observation of your loved ones jewellery.


    What should you look for?

     What precious metal do they prefer wearing?  
     Does your loved one prefer wearing , rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets?
     Do they have a favoirite piece of jewellery already? If yes, then you could try to find a  match for their new favourite piece.
    Are you still unsure?
    feel free to give us a call or write us an email, and we will happily guide you through the process.
     We are also able to assist you in finding the right piece, by sending us written details about the wished gift and your loved ones taste in jewellery. We are also able to assist you more thoroughly if you are able to send us an image of their preferred jewels.
    tel: +45 61 66 44 67