Almas gold earrings with diamond (14-karat) stud earring

Almas Gold Earrings

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Almas > 'diamond' in Arabic. >'souls' in Spanish.

Allow your soul to shine as bright and strong as a diamond. 'Almas' is made to empower your reflection within this very special stone. While diamonds may be a girls best friend, this Almas diamond is meant to connect you to the center of your inner guide.

The Almas gold earrings consist of small delicate spheres of gold with an eye catching diamond centerpiece.

- Something in your eyes took a thousand years to get here.

Stud earrings matte in solid 14-karat gold.
Stone: 2 diamonds in princess cut; 0.10 total carat.
Size: 1.1cm.

The Almas gold earrings are sold in singles or as a pair.

From the First Light Collection.