925 sterling silver 14-karat gold plated pendulum earring pendul hoop to remind us of the rhytm of the universe, fro. the Kinz Kanaan Rhytm collection.

Pendul Hoop

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A golden pendulum is a reminder of the inevitable rhythm in the universe, it is also a reminder that we cannot stop movement or time. Time is forever moving and change moves with it. The pendulum earring is there to keep you on track, on time and in rhythm with the constant movement of the universe and the planets

Earring in 925 sterling silver plated with 14 karat gold.
This style can be changed to a simplistic expression by removing the hanging pendulum  and transform it to a simple hoop. 
It can be worn to a special occasion or in your daily life when you are looking for an extra glow to your outfit
From the Rythm Collection.