Dine fingres symbolik

Need inspiration?

Here you can see the meaning and symbolism of each finger - to make it easier to choose the perfect placement of your new ring.

If you need a little extra in your communications skills, intuition or  professionalism. The pinky represents ending and the ability to finish what you started and end what is not serving you anymore. Connected to the planet Mercury. 
Ring finger:
To show a symbol of love, lust, gain better inspiration- and improvisation skills the ring finger is the best place to put a ring. Connected to the sun.


The middle finger:
 is where you should place your ring if you need to boost your skills in taking responsibility, to do your duties, find balance or to achieve coherence with your surroundings. The perfect place to exhibit your jewellery for attention that doesn’t direct answers to marriage or engagement. Is connected to Saturn 


index finger:
A ring on your Index finger is a signal of pride, ego and ambition. Connected to Jupiter.


Wearing a ring on your thumb signals strength of character, will and endurance. Connected to Mars.